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I found Perfectly Polished in 2016 when the business was named #1 nail salon in Tucson. I’ve been going ever since. Perfectly Polished offers waterless mani/pedis with no cuticle cutting.

What can I say about Bethany—that’s less than 500 words? She is organized, punctual, and most importantly, professional and knowledgable. She knows about skin, it’s layers and purpose, and how your skin protects you. She’s funny and witty, and I enjoy our appointment together. She has given me great advice about my skin, hands, and feet. She is always my first recommendation for others who haven’t had the pleasure of her services.   ~Leesha H


 Dear Beth,

Before too much time has passed, I wanted to thank you for getting me in for my much needed appointments yesterday. I am still, over 24 hours later, enjoying how smooth and silky my hands and arms are after the ZEN manicure treatment you gave me.I can't tell you how thrilled I was that you had the time to add a ZEN back facial as well as adding ZEN to my pedicure, too!!!My legs and feet are so smooth!  The treatment itself was so relaxing.  I loved the smell of the essential oils (I don't remember what the specific ZEN products are called.)You are always searching out new and wonderful treatments (I LOVED the special facials you offered as well, my skin texture improved so much and they tightened my skin, too)I love that you use products with no added chemicals or 'weird stuff'.  Every time I lay on your massage table I know I am in for a treat.  Your 'dry' manicures and pedicures are far superior to the old way of soaking hands and feet in a bowl.  Also I am SURE it is much more sanitary!!

Thank you, Beth, for all you do.  I am so happy that I found you.

Best, Tessa Dellheim

I've had the Rezenerate treatment done twice now. I love how my face looks! After my 2nd treatment I can actually see a difference in how some of my wrinkles are disappearing and aren't as deep and the fine lines are bit by bit going away also! I love it! My face is so much more smoother and softer and love how those lines are disappearing! Each visit a little more are gone and I can actually see a difference between treatments also! It's so cool and I'm excited to see the difference!   ~Anne F.

Any nail tech, such as Bethany Boyd, who buys my book, Death by Pedicure to improve her profession and nail salon practices deserves my recommendation any day.   -Dr. Robert Spalding Jr. DPM 


I go to Beth for my pedicures. She is a lovely young lady who knows her
stuff. She keeps up with the latest techniques which I admire.   -B. VanHorn


 I first started going to Beth for my nails at KC's hair salon.  From the very beginning Beth gave me a warm welcome and sincerely listened to my nail needs.  She has
ALWAYS demonstrated the highest integrity and professionalism.  Her work
environment is always clean and neat.  In fact she is the first Nail
Tech who ever insisted I spray my hands with a sanitizer before
beginning.  I started off with Acrylic nails and never ever had a
problem, Beth then graduated me to the Gel application which I truly
love, it always keeps it's shine and looks great 24/7. It is so nice to
have a color on all the time and don't have to worry about peeling or
chipping or getting dull.  I always receive a ton of compliments on my
nails and it is all thanks to Beth.  Beth keeps up with all the latest
trends in the industry and is always willing to go the extra mile for
her clients. She really helped me to keep my spirits up when my husband
passed away from Cancer.  I always look forward to our
visits as she always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face.     -Sincerely-Cindy Tate


 I have been going to Bethany for quite a few years.  I like the personal service she gives and the care that goes with it.  If you want good service as well as professional  care for your  body treatments this is the place to go.

 Carol Legatzke


  “I have known Beth for well over ten years now and have been amazed at the growth of her knowledge and her business.  She has gone from an employed nail tech to a business woman with her own suite.  Beth’s passion for continuing education and providing the utmost quality of products and services to her clients is truly a rarity with today’s businesses.  The groundwork for Perfectly Polished started in 1996, so this isn’t some fly-by-night, nail salon!!  If you are looking for a dependable place where you can go and relax and be pampered, you have found the right place!!  Beth will take good care of you!!”           ~~Debbie Connell-Duerre


 I have been seeing Beth for over 10 years for my nails.  She has grown tremendously since I first saw her.  She has won awards & keeps up on the latest nail care as well as attending classes.  Once she started me on gels I was hooked & have had no problems since. Beth also does a great pedicure…making my feet feel totally pampered by the time she’s done.  After she got Perfectly Polished started she decided another step for her growth would to become an Esthetician.  Beth asked me to be her “model” at school.  I foolishly said yes not knowing what I was getting into!!!  She reeled me in hook, line & sinker with facials, waxing & back facials!  I’ve never looked back since that time.  She went on to graduate & incorporate that part of things into her business.  I go & get a total pampering every 2 weeks.  She very nicely provides a drool bucket for her back facials as they are one of my favorite things to get done!!  I have had back surgery which has left a scar all the way down my back. Thanks to Beth’s treatments of the oil & working that into my scar you can hardly see it any more! I think that’s totally awesome not to have a real ugly scar down my back! This says a lot towards the products she uses & her willingness to find products that work on eliminating a long scar! I really appreciate not having a huge scar down my back now!! I really & truly enjoy the whole experience as it completely relaxes me.  My face, décolleté & back are now smooth as a baby’s behind! I also get waxing for my pits, legs, eyebrows & peach fuzz.  That has to grow on you….but have found that I enjoy getting it done as it also helps keep my face smooth which I love!!! Another part of Beth’s growing has been to sell the products that she uses for her facials.  I have used several different products as she has tried them & looks constantly to see if she can find something even better.  Each one is better than the last! It’s like doing mini facials at home!!  I’ve always felt she’s the best ever since I started seeing her!!  Just sit back & let yourself be in for a treat & an awesome pampering!!!!  Beth also has a wicked sense of humor which has resulted in many a crazy conversation!!!   ~Anne Foster


I have had Beth do my nails for years. She has great customer service. Her  salon is clean and  inviting. I love gels and all the colors to pick from. You can not go wrong getting your nails or facials done at Perfectly Polished.   ~  Kim Mayfield


I have been with Beth for the last 16 years and have never had a problem with my nails and am a faithful client and I hope a friend.     ~Jan


Ok,  I know this may sound overblown,  It is not. Going to Perfectly
Polished  and having Beth give me my manicures and pedicures has changed my life.  For years, I had gone to salons who utilized the old fashioned method for Manis/Pedis, soaking in warm water for long
minutes periods of time. I am not the kind of person who enjoys sitting and waiting and wasting over an hour for my nail care. I would get fidgety and my back got tired from all the sitting.  Beth uses a dry method, which at first seemed strange to me.  But, boy, did I get used to it quickly! I am in and out in no time, and for the first time ever, I actually wished I had more time with my nail tech.  Beth is amazing.  You can tell right from the start that you are dealing with someone who has integrity and is on the cutting edge of her craft. Beth is diligent regarding all her tools being sterilized, which is very important to me.  Big bonus, my nails have never looked better. In the years I have been coming to Beth, I have grown to like and respect her more and more.  I am so happy that I found her!!!    ~
Tessa Dellheim.  Oro Valley, AZ

Kim Mayfield