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  At Perfectly Polished, I don't just "do nails", I care for your nails, hands and feet while taking your health and well being into consideration. I offer only Gel nails for enhancements so there's no acrylic odor. I utilize an electric file at a low speed that is equipped with a vacuum so we don't breathe in any nail dust. All implements are sanitized in soap and water then soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant per AZ State Board standards. My pedicures are done "dry", meaning there's no worry about bacteria...I use warm, wet towels and sugar scrubs to achieve soft, smooth callouses while keeping your feet healthy. Do you have a missing or partially missing toenail? Now you can wear sandals! I am a Certified provider of LCN Barefoot Toenail Reconstruction! After an inspection to determine if you are a candidate, I can rebuild a toenail for you that is flexible and looks and feels real and natural! Maintenance is required and Mykosept ( a required home care product) is included in the price.



 Purple Dragon                              NAILCARE                             

    Manicure- $26 

            I shape your nails, clean up your cuticles, massage and moisturize all without water so your polish stays put longer.     Recommended every 2 weeks.                                  


   Foot Facial- $41

            A safe and sanitary alternative to the traditional pedicure! I get your feet into shape utilizing cuticle and callous   removers, sugar scrubs and warm moist towels for the ultimate in relaxation. No water means your callouses will stay   smoother and your polish will last longer. Recommended monthly.                                   


   Zen Pedicure- $60  

            A wonderfully moisturizing waterless pedicure that includes warm towels and energetic natural holistic skincare products   that follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's Zen for your feet, legs and soul!                                                 

    Gel Overlay- $45

            Strength and beauty all in one! A great acrylic alternative that includes your choice of semi permanent color gel                                                               

    Gel Fill- $37 

               Regular maintenance of your gel nails to keep them looking great! Lots of colors to choose from! Recommended every   2 weeks.                                       

    Repairs- $3 and up

             Up to 2 repairs free within 2 weeks of your fill.                                

     IBX Natural Nail Treatment- $28

             An awesome natural nail strengthening treatment. Perfect for after artificial nail removal and transitioning into natural   nails! Recommended weekly for 6 weeks. (see video at the top of the page)  


     Barefoot Toenail Reconstruction- $45 ( includes Mykosept)

            Barefoot by LCN is a highly effective toenail correction system with special adhesive properties that allows good results to be achieved even on callous layers of skin where a toenail may be partially or completely missing. Flexible, Barefoot adjusts to the movement of your feet and toenails, feeling completely natural and comfortable. Maintainance is required, Mykosept ( a tincture that dries excess moisture) is highly recommended to be applied daily and is included in your initial service.



Anne's Purple Gels              Black Gels w/ Orange Foils

Pink Natural Nails       Bright blue glitter gels     

Watermelon Nail         Chriustmas Snowflakes       Multi Foils

 Halloween Googly Eyes                    Blue Glitter French Gels 

 Teal Gels w/ Glitter                Gold Glitter Gels 



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